Four Things You Can Do If Yo Get A Traffic Ticket in Vegas

Traffic Ticket Las Vegas     For every ticket for a moving violation (speeding, reckless driving, etc.) that you get in Nevada you are given points. These points range from one point for going 1-5 over the speed limit to eight points if you are convicted of driving recklessly.

     Upon getting 12 points in a year you will get a letter from the state of Nevada informing you that your drivers license will be suspended. Additionally, after the suspension is over your auto insurance rates will rise, and your insurer may even decide to cancel your insurance.

What Can You Do If You Get A Traffic Ticket?

  1. Fight Your Traffic Ticket Yourself- I would not recommend that you fight the ticket yourself. First of all, you’ll need to gather proof that you did not commit the moving violation. Simply saying to the court that “I am not guilty” will not work as the judge will most likely take the police officer’s word over your word. Furthermore, if you do lose in court, you could be subject to the maximum fine allowed and will receive full points on your driving record.
  2. Hire A Lawyer To Fight The Ticket In Court- This could work if you are right and did not actually commit at the moving violation. Nevertheless, it’ll cost you plenty to hire a lawyer ($500 or more) to argue in court on your traffic ticket. And assuming you win (a big assumption) you’ll likely spend more on the attorney retainer fees that if you had originally either pled guilty and paid the fine.
  3. Attend Traffic School- This can be a good choice.  Even so, traffic school is inconvenient (5+ hours), and you’re limited in the number of times you can take traffic school.  So, if you take traffic school for a 1 point moving violation, you’ll be unable to take traffic school if you’re later ticketed for a three point moving violation
  4. Hire A Lawyer To Negotiate Or Fix Your Traffic Ticket-  This is the best option for Clark County, Nevada. First of all, your hired lawyer will more than likely get you better results than if you were to negation the traffic ticket by yourself. Lawyers experienced in traffic law know the Judges and/or prosecuting attorney. Thus, it’s likely the traffic attorney can get you no points. In most cases, the ticket will appear only as a parking violation. Additionally, by hiring a lawyer you will not have to go to court and wait (sometimes hours) before your case is heard.

The information on this site is not legal advice. Your particular case will differ. So, if you have any legal questions, you need to consult the attorney in the area where you received your traffic ticket.