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Traffic Tickets->No Insurance Rate Increase, No Traffic School, and No Court

Martin Law P.C., A Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorney

Starting at $25

Why Hire Me For Your Traffic Tickets

In most cases, by hiring me, you'll receive the following benefits:

  • NO TRAFFIC SCHOOL- traffic school costs money and also time. ( Five hours minimum for level 1 traffic school in Las Vegas) And since time is money, you are essentially saving money by hiring me to represent you in the Las Vegas Traffic Court.
  • No Insurance Rate Increase- Points are given to you, In Nevada, when you receive a ticket for a moving violation, which means (speeding, running a red light, etc. are examples of moving violations)  your auto insurance rates will most likely rise.  Also, Your driver's license will be suspended for six months if you get 12 points in a year.
  • CONVENIENCE– No court time needed for adult, moving violations. This means, by hiring me, you can save hours in court (in most cases) by hiring me to deal with any traffic ticket that you or a family member may have.

Service Areas And Fees

 Las Vegas Justice court and Las Vegas Municipal Court, traffic tickets, under most circumstance,  will only be  $25.  The only time it may cost extra is if you are charged with a serious moving violation. (I.E. Reckless Driving or Multiple Traffic Tickets)

Because of travel costs and more work involved, I do charge extra for traffic tickets in the following courts in Clark County, NV.

I also, deal with traffic tickets in the following cities in Clark County, NV.: 

  •  North Las Vegas-$75
  • Henderson-$50
  • Boulder City-$100
  • Elsewhere- Please call my office for my charges and availability

Matt Harris
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Jon was a great Lawyer. He helped me with all my needs and was very attentive whenever I had a question. I would definitely go to him again in the future

Traffic Ticket FAQ

  • Can You Guarantee Results? First of all, no attorney ethically can guarantee results. However, based upon my extensive experience, upon seeing your traffic ticket, I will most likely be able to predict your outcome. For example, if you have an average driving record, you have not committed a major (high points, I.E., reckless driving) traffic infraction, I will likely be able to get you no points and no traffic school.  On the other hand, if you have a less than a stellar driving record, I will get you the best deal possible, which could require traffic school.
  • Where Do I Go To Pay My Ticket? click the following link to  pay your Clark County Justice Court traffic ticket online:
  • Can I Represent Myself On My Traffic Ticket? Sure, you can represent yourself in traffic court. However, non-lawyers are the last to be seen in traffic court. So, at traffic court, you may wait for hours to have your case heard. Also, district attorney's will likely give you a lesser deal than if an attorney appears for you for your traffic ticket. Also, at traffic tickets starting at $25, most people would agree, that the price that you pay me is a good investment.