Criminal Justice Attorney

Personalized Criminal Defense For Every Client

An arrest or conviction can negatively affect you for your entire life.  However, you can maximize a chance of a positive income by hiring a top Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.
I am Jon Martin, Esq., the owner of Martin Law P.C., and I will aggressively defend your constitutional rights. I will represent you as a person and, make your involvement with the criminal justice system as painless as possible.

Criminal Justice Attorney Clark County, Nevada

My Pledge To You

  • I will understand all of the relevant facts concerning your alleged criminal violation
  • I will take the time to personally know both you and the circumstances of your case
  • I will inform  you of any available defenses that you may have
  • I will give you an honest assessment of what I feel what may be the likely outcome of your case
  • I will Negotiate the best deal for you or, if it is needed; I will fight for your rights in court

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Traffic Tickets-In most circumstances, I will be able to negotiate your moving violation to no points, no court time, no insurance rate increase.

Quash Arrest Warrants- Call my office now, if you are positive that you have an active warrant for your arrest or you think you may have an active warrant.  Be sure to ask about my free warrant check.

DUI/DWI-If you have been arrested for a DUI call my office ASAP.