Henderson, Nevada

Henderson Nevada Courts

The city of Henderson has two courts: Henderson Municipal Court and Henderson Justice Court. Both courts are located at 243 S Water St, Henderson, NV 89015, and unlike Clark County Justice Henderson LawyerCourt (“CCJC”) and Las Vegas Municipal Court (“LVMC”) the Henderson Courts offer free parking.

Henderson Justice Court

Normal Hours: 7:00 am. To 5:00 pm. Monday through Thursday.

Phone Number: (702) 455-7951

Henderson Justice Court(”HJC”) cases are limited to the following: traffic tickets, small claims, temporary and permanent protection orders, civil lawsuits that do not exceed $15,000, evictions, and misdemeanors.  HJC deals with gross misdemeanors and felony matters through the initial appearance, bail, and the determination of probable cause.

Henderson Municipal Court

Normal Hours: 7:45 am to 5:00 pm.  Monday through Thursday

Phone Number: (702) 267-3301

Henderson Municipal Court (”HMC”) primarily hears traffic and other misdemeanor cases, which include DUI/DWI and domestic abuses cases. HMC also has two specialty courts, which are a Veteran’s Court and a court geared toward criminals who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

My Observations

Henderson courts tend to be stricter than CCJC and LVMC.  Also, for traffic tickets, you may have to wait for hours in court if you desire to be heard by a judge, and you will most likely be required to take an online traffic school. Therefore, if you value your time, I would recommend that you retain an attorney to handle your Henderson traffic ticket and other misdemeanors.

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For Tourists Or Those That May Be Interested

Henderson is located in Clark County, Nevada and is approximately 16 miles SE of Las Vegas. After Las Vegas, it is the largest city in Nevada with a population of  307,928. Henderson originated in the 40s, during the World War II era where its main employer was the Basic Magnesium Plant. (”BMI”) During that time, BMI in Henderson was the leading supplier for magnesium for the US War Department.  Magnesium was used in the war effort to build bomb casings, airplane engines and frames, and other needed parts.  It has been reported that the Basic Magnesium plant, in Henderson, supplied 25% of all the War Department’s magnesium.

After WW II ended the demand for Magnesium subsided, and Henderson’s future as a city became uncertain.  Magnesium was no longer considered to be necessary for national defense, which resulted in almost all of the BMI’s employees moving, Henderson’s school enrollment being reduced by nearly two-thirds, and worker housing being abandoned. It was so dire that the US Government, in 1947, sold Henderson as war surplus.

In 1947 the state of Nevada, to save Henderson, purchased the Industrial plants.  In 1953 Henderson was officially incorporated as a city.  Additionally, in 1953 Henderson’s population was only a little more than 7,000, and since 1953 Henderson has also grown in size from 13 square miles to 94 square miles in 2018.