Boulder City

Boulder City only has one court, the Boulder City Municipal Court ("BCMC"), which, is located at 501 Avenue G, Boulder City, NV 89005. The Boulder City Municipal court only deals with misdemeanors, traffic tickets, and animal violations that happen with Boulder City limits.   The Judge and District Attorney for Boulder City tend to be quite reasonable. However, it is a small city, which means you will likely have to wait for a long time when you appear for your court date.

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Boulder City History

Boulder City is a small town located in Clark County, Nevada. It’s population, in the 2010 census, was a little over 15,000. Boulder Cities name originated from nearby Boulder Canyon. Boulder City was a company town, and like many in that time, attempted to control its workers both on and off the clock. For example, it initially prohibited alcohol and gambling. The Prohibition of alcohol continued till 1969, and Boulder City still does not permit gambling its city limits. The effort to protect its workers living in the town was based upon sober workers being more productive workers. The control in Boulder City was so intense that before 1932 visitors could only enter by permit. The city planners also in an attempt to stop workers from going to Las Vegas for amusement, founded the Boulder Theater in 1931.

Living In Boulder City

Boulder City is sought out by many people for its livability and small-town atmosphere and has been nationally recognized for those qualities. For example, Money Magazine ranked Boulder City as the 6th best place to retire by Money Magazine. The reason for this high rating was quality medical care, low taxes, and plenty of recreational activity. Also, Boulder City is attractive due to its proximity to Las Vegas.

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1930's Era Boulder City