Nevada Ticket Fines

     I am often asked: Why does my neighbor only have to pay $190 for going ten over the speed limit in Vegas while I was fined over $300 for speeding ten over the listed speed limit in Vegas? Another question that I’m asked is: “Why did my friend have to go to traffic school while I did not have to go to traffic school?”.

The answer to these questions depends upon the location of where you were ticketed.

Basically, in Nevada, each jurisdiction can fine you up to $1,000, for any traffic violations. In Nevada, traffic tickets are considered a misdemeanor; so, you can potentially be fined $1,000 or jailed a year for even going five over the speed limit.

For example, the Las Vegas Justice Court will fine you less for speeding than the Las Vegas Metropolitan police. Additionally, assuming you have no other tickets, the Las Vegas Justice Court will not make you go to traffic school when you are ticketed. However, certain rural will make traffic school mandatory if you want to not have any points on your driving record.

Fun Fact: If you are convicted of a traffic violation in Goldfield, Nevada you will be fined $600. This $600 fine may even happen if you are only going five over the listed speed limit.

The Lawyer Advantage

Also, areas have different rules concerning attorney negotiations. For example, in rural areas in Nevada, an attorney won’t be of much help as a lawyer can’t get you a better deal than if you were to go to court yourself. So, if you get a ticket, you will automatically get the full fine and points. Some areas, in Nevada, will just reduce your tickets if you take traffic school.  Even so, you can only to take a limited number of traffic courses within a set time period.  A licensed Nevada lawyer will only be able to tell you what the situation is for your particular case.

In conclusion, talk to an experienced Las Vegas lawyer if you get a ticket. Myself and other ethical attorneys will be able to tell you, whether or not they can help you get a better deal than if you were to deal with the ticket on your own.   Also, a lawyer will be the best chance that you’ll have in avoiding traffic school.  Moreover, An experienced lawyer will likely get you the best results.

The above information is for informational purposes only and your particular situation will likely be different. So, if you get a traffic ticket see a lawyer.