Las Vegas Strip

The  Strip

When people think of Las Vegas aka Sin City, they think of the famed Las Vegas Strip. The strip is the main artery of Las Vegas’ tourism industry. When you travel the strip, you’ll have access to Las

Las Vegas Strip

The Famous Las Vegas Strip

Vegas’s finest lodging, food, nightclubs, shopping and of course gambling. A word of advice though, if you are in a hurry avoid the strip because you will be subject to bumper to bumper traffic. But, you’re on vacation. So, just relax and enjoy the sights.  Since there is so much to do on the strip, it can be intimidating. Therefore, it is best to have a plan. However, I would suggest that you start at the south end and then travel north. Also, because of  traffic, I also recommend that you purchase an all-day bus pass. Here, are some of the suggested places you should explore on Vegas’ iconic strip.

  1. The famous “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign: Get a picture in front of Las Vegas’ unofficial welcome center.
  2. Bellagio fountains-The fountains opened with the Bellagio’s start in 1998. They contain over 1,000 fountains, and you’ll see water spray shooting up to 450 feet. The fountains can be seen in action on weekends every 30 minutes (3 p.m. to 8 p.m.), and in 15-minute intervals between 3 to 8 p.m. You’ll see this impressive sight even more during weekends.
  3. LINQ-Is an outdoor, pedestrian-only area that opened in 2013. At the Linq, you can go on The High Roller Ferris Wheel. The High Roller is 450 feet tall.
  4. Mirage’s Volcano-Water cannons, fire, and great music are in store for you when you visit the famous Mirage Volcano. The volcano has been a fixture in Vegas since Mirage being founded in 1989. In 2008 the volcano was given new music from the former drummer of the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart, and the Indian master drummer Zakir Hussain. The show happens Sunday through Thursday at 7 to 8 p.m., and on Friday and Saturdays, an additional eruption will happen at 9 p.m.
  5. Fremont Street Experience-this is the apex of downtown Las Vegas. It is a five-block, covered, pedestrian-only allowed road. It has everything from the world’s biggest slot machine, “Slot Zilla”, a Zip line, and even a zombie maze.  Also, light shows happen every night.

These are just a few Las Vegas Strip locations. Las Vegas, Nevada has pretty much every anything to please anyone. So, explore and  have fun!!! For something different… try Las Vegas’ Mob Museum… To get back to the front page Click Here.