Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling Requirement

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

In 2005 the bankruptcy laws were radically changed. One of those rule changes was a requirement for all debtors to take two credit counseling courses approved by the US Trustee’s office. The two courses are credit counseling and debtor education/financial management. The credit counseling class must be taken before you file or your bankruptcy case will be dismissed. The only exceptions to the mandatory, pre-bankruptcy filing class requirement are if the debtor is either physically or mentally unable to take the course or in case of an emergency. Also, you must complete the second course after you file for bankruptcy or you will not receive the bankruptcy discharge.  You can do both the pre-bankruptcy filing course and the post-bankruptcy course online.

Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Class

This first class introduces you to the reasons for filing bankruptcy, potential alternatives to bankruptcy, and introductory financial management. Many approved credit counseling courses are interactive whereby you are given guidance on budgeting, and they will also attempt to help you recognize what made you have to file for bankruptcy in the first place. This class takes about an hour to finish. However, most debtors could complete it quicker if there was not a mandatory time for each section.

Post-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

The second course is financial management. The ultimate goal of this class is to ensure that you do not have to file bankruptcy again. This class can be completed any time after you file bankruptcy. But, it must be taken before you receive the discharge. This course takes at least two hours. With this course, you will learn budgeting skills, money management skills, how to use credit responsibly. Also, you will be given additional resources to be used to help you manage your financial affairs.


The courses are quite reasonably priced. The companies that I recommend are Debtor CC and Cricket Debt. Debtor CC charges $14.95 for the first course and $9.95 for the second course. Also, couples pay the same price as a single filer. One downside to Debtor CC is that the classes cannot be completed on a smartphone and with Debtor CC it can take a while for you to receive your credit counseling certificate. Call 1-800-610-3920 for further details. Cricket Debt costs approximately $24.95. However, you can complete these courses on your smartphone. So, if you do not have access to a computer, this is your best option. Call 1-866-719-0400 for further information. Click Here, to get back to the front page.