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Having traffic warrants or other warrants in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas is quite common. You can have an arrest warrant issued for many reasons. Some of which are:

  1. Forgetting to appear for a court date
  2. Not being able to pay court fees or missing a payment to the court
  3. Failure to complete required community service
  4. Not showing up to a mandatory judgment debtor's exam

Whatever You Decide To Do, Do Not Ignore Your Arrest Warrant

Your warrant will not disappear with time.   So, ignoring  an arrest warrant will not help.  You cannot hide from the police forever as you can encounter the police in many ways; such as being in a minor fender bender, getting a speeding ticket, or simply being in the wrong place at the right time.  To state the obvious; you don’t want to go to jail because of an active warrant.  First of all, if you are stopped while driving and taking into custody, your car will likely be towed, and you will be charged hundreds of dollars to get your car back from the towing yard.   Also, If you are jailed, (even for a traffic violation), you are going to, in most cases, be incarcerated till the next court date.

If you have the misfortune of being arrested on Friday, you will likely be stuck in jail for the entire weekend. Also, if you are jailed during a major holiday, you will be detained until the court is back from their holiday vacation. This could mean, depending upon the holiday, that you could be jailed for almost a week.

If you or a loved one have an active warrant, do not delay and call my office to set up your free consultation. 

I Will Clear Your Warrants in Las Vegas, And Most Of Clark County, Nevada

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During your consultation, if necessary, I will provide the following for free: North Las Vegas Warrant Search, Las Vegas Warrant search, I will check and see if you are on the Henderson, Nevada warrant list. 

Requirements For The Free Clark County, Nevada Warrant Search (For visitors and Newcomers This Includes North Las Vegas and Henderson)

It is best if you email or fax over a legible copy of the ticket and your driver's license.  However, if you know where you received your ticket or where you were charged and/or arrested a copy of your citation may not be necessary.  However, to avoid any potential issues, please provide me with any applicable court documentation that you may have.

If you are missing your citation or other court documents I will need the following to conduct the free warrant lookup:

  1. The court where you were you received your ticket or where you were charged after being arrested
  2. Your full name and birth date
  3. Your divers license or other forms of legal identification
  4. For a North Las Vegas warrant search, I will need your social security number


Please note: My prices to quash warrants are based upon the type of criminal charge that you have. 

Traffic Warrants and Low-Level Misdemeanors

These include moving violations other than reckless driving. My fees are on a case by case basis. However, my fees start at $75 for quashing traffic warrants in Clark County Justice Court and Clark County Municipal Court. North Las Vegas traffic warrants start at $100 and Henderson, NV traffic warrants start at $125.

Criminal Warrants

If you have not yet gone to court on your criminal offense the Court does not allow me to "just" quash the outstanding warrant as I will be required to sign up as the attorney of record. This means that, if your warrant is for anything other than minor traffic violations, I will not be able to be retained to only quash your warrant as I will be required to negotiate on your behalf, and if needed go to trial on your case. As a result, of the above, I do charge more for most criminal warrants. My fees to quash any outstanding criminal warrants will be based upon many factors. (I.E., Crime you are charged with, estimated times that I would be required to go to court, whether or not you would be willing to accept a deal or go to trial, etc.)

What Results Should I Expect By Hiring You To Quash My Active Arrest Warrant?

The information below primarily deals with traffic ticket warrants in Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada and low-level misdemeanors that have gone into warrant

Results, for warrant quashing, vary on a case by case basis. However, if it is a first time that you have gone into a warrant or you missed your first court date, your warrant will be quashed that day or the day I go to court. Depending upon your situation, after the warrant is cleared you will be put back on payments, plead guilty (this most likely will happen with traffic warrants) or a trial date will be set.

The times that an arrest warrant may not be cleared are if the case is either too old or you’ve been in warrant multiple times for this issue; which means you may have to make a “good faith" payment to the court before your warrant can be cleared.

Reasons To Hire Martin Law P.C. For Your Clark County, Nevada Warrant Search And Warrant Quashing

  1. Save Time: To quash a warrant, in Las Vegas Justice Court and most other courts, you will need to file a motion and, depending upon what day your motion is filed, your case may be seen the same week that your case is filed. North Las Vegas and Henderson Traffic Warrants though can take up to a week before you can go to court to get your warrant recalled. However, by hiring a lawyer, you will most likely (especially true for traffic tickets and other minor misdemeanors) not be required to appear in court as your lawyer will go to court for you.
  2. Less Chance of Jail Time: The court clerks will not tell you that if you do show up, without a full or partial payment whether or not you are going to be arrested upon showing up for your court date. So, you are taking a risk by just going to court. Thus, by hiring a lawyer, you’ll be able to eliminate the chance of being jailed when you are attempting to clear your warrant.
  3. Free Warrant Check: As stated, I offer a free complimentary warrant search for Clark County, Nevada.