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Traffic Tickets

I can help you if you have received a speeding ticket in Las Vegas or another moving violation. In most cases I can get you: 1.  No traffic school 2. No Points 3. No Insurance rate increase 


Las Vegas Warrant

If you have an active arrest warrant or you think you may have a warrant out for your arrest call my office now.  We offer free consultation and free warrant checkups for Clark County, Nevada.


 Are you experiencing any of the below financial problems? 1.)  Are you experiencing massive debt and feel that you have no escape? 2.)  Did you recently lose a job?3.)  Do you have medical bills that you can never hope to pay in your lifetime?  If so, I maybe able to help you get a "Fresh Start" through bankruptcy.   Click the button below for more information on bankruptcy.

Las Vegas DUI Attorney

DUI Defense

If you have been pulled over for a DUI call my office ASAP to schedule a free consultation.

Stress Reliever

I realize that you are undergoing a stressful period in your life or you would not be visiting this website. As a result, I pledge to make this time of your life go as smooth as possible. Therefore, I will go to Court for you, prepare your bankruptcy petition, and lessen your involvement as much as possible. I cannot guarantee that I will eliminate your stress. But, I will make it as smooth for you as I possibly can.

The decision to hire an attorney is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Whether it is quashing an arrest warrant or dealing with insurers, I will fight for your rights and personally handle your case. (Unlike other law firms that might hand your case over to a paralegal) Above all, I will fight to make sure your rights are upheld.
If you have received a traffic ticket in Clark County, have an outstanding arrest warrant, are having financial problems, or have been injured through no fault of your own, you are likely under extreme stress. You are likely asking your self the following questions:

Am I going to be pulled over and arrested while going to work (and lose my job), because I forgot to go to court for a speeding ticket? Will I have to take a day off from work to deal with my speeding ticket?  How will I pay my bills when I can not work because of being hit by a driver who could not wait to text till he was out of his car?  Will my wages be garnished because I can't pay a $100,000+ emergency medical bill?

Fear Of The Unknown

The fear of the unknown is stressful in itself as you may not know where to turn to and feel hopeless. Because of this, you may ignore your legal matter, hoping it will go away. However, I can assure that the "Head In The Sand" defense technique will not work. So, please call my office where I offer the following:

Free Consultation-for all of the above issues and, more I will provide a free, initial, consultation. During our free consultation, I will give you all of the available options that you may have for your particular situation.

Free Clark County, NV Warrant Search-Call my office ASAP (even if you missed a Court date you might not have gone into warrant yet) if you missed your court date or forgot to show up to Court for a traffic ticket or other criminal infraction

Free Traffic Ticket Lookup-I will look up, online, any traffic ticket that you received in Clark County, NV.

I will give you my honest assessment of the above questions and more. 

My Promise

If you decide to retain Martin Law P.C., I  will lessen your involvement as much as possible. I cannot guarantee that I will eliminate your stress. But, I will make your experience as smooth for you as I possibly can.
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A Few Satisfied Customers

I highly recommend Mr. Martin for any of your needs. He got my tickets dismissed and got me out a warrant I had for not paying them. He is trustworthy, prompt and extremely easy to work with.


Mr. Martin assisted me in having a ticket regarding my registration dropped. He handled all of the details and kept me informed of his progress. He notified me promptly when it was resolved and the fine and ticket was dropped. I highly recommend his services with any traffic violations in Las Vegas.

Tom - Entrepreneur

 I have worked with a bunch of Lawyers in the past and Jon was by far the best one I have ever worked with. He really was on my case helping at all turns. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Matt -Health Care Professional

Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer
US Navy Veteran
UNLV, Hotel School, Graduate