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Starting at $25

I normally offer representation for traffic tickets in the following cities in Clark County, NV: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and  Boulder City. However, please call

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me if you have received a ticket elsewhere in Clark County.

By using me you will receive the following benefits (in most cases):

  • CONVENIENCE–you’ll not have to spend hours in going to the Las Vegas Traffic Court.
  • NO TRAFFIC SCHOOL– traffic school costs money and also time. (Traffic school can last up to five hours) And since time is money, you are essentially saving money by hiring me to represent you in the Las Vegas Traffic Court.
  • REDUCTION IN POINTS OR NO POINTS– In the state of Nevada you are given points when you receive a ticket for moving violation. (Speeding, running a red light, etc. are examples of moving violations)  Also, your insurer will likely find out that you received points on your driving record, and your auto insurance rates will rise.  If you get 12 points, within a year, your drivers license will be suspended for six months.

Below are a few reviews of my services: You should note that at Clark County Justice Court due to recent policy changes no attorney can guarantee you no points and no traffic school.  However, if you have an average driving record, and your ticket has not gone into warrant you should be able to receive no points and no traffic school.  And if you have a less than a stellar driving record, I can help you get the best deal possible.  So, please call me now for a free consultation

     I charge the following to appear in court: $25 for Las Vegas Justice Court and Municipal Court appearances, $50 for all Henderson Court traffic tickets and $75 for me having to appear for you at the North Las Vegas Traffic Court.  For other cities in Clark County, Nevada please ask me for my rates.

     Call (702)-707-2787 to set up a free consultation.

Here, is the link to check and see if you have any traffic tickets at Las Vegas Justice Court:

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